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2007, 11 minutes, HDV

What do you do when you're stopped at an intersection and someone with a sign asks you for money? Do you give them some or do you stare straight ahead pretending they're not there? WHEN THE LIGHT'S RED is a poignant and humorous examination of the way in which privilege, power, fact and reality intersect inside our heads and outside our car window.

Watch the Film
Available to stream or purchase the film at New Day Films

Selected Screenings
New York Underground Film Festival
PDX - Portland Doc & Experimental Film Festival
Director's Guild of America x 2
San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
Hot Springs International Documentary Film Festival
Anthology Film Archives
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Dallas Video Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Expresion en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico
Oxford Film Festival
Texas Filmmakers Showcase, Director's Guild of America, LA< Phoenix Film Festival
AFI/Dallas Film Festival
Texas Documentary Tour (10 Under 10) Austin Gay/Lesbian Film Festival
Hi Mom! Film Festival (Best Short Documentary Award)
Cucalorus Film Festival
Lone Star International Film Festival
Alabama Music Box
Austin Film Festival

Houston PBS - as part of The Territory, Season 32

producer/director/camera/editor --- Keith Wilson
assistant director/compositing --- Rogelio Salinas
sound mix --- Brad Engleking
post-production supervisor --- Susanne Kraft

"Poignant and often hilarious take on one man's response to panhandlers.... using the technique of an interior monologue (dialogue, actually, since his inner voices argue incessantly with each other), Wilson reveals the conflicts so many feel as they pull up to a red light and see the man (or sometimes woman) with "the sign." The director has taken an intractable problem and given it a lot of humor while still looking at the serious side."
-- Austin Film Society