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I Didn't See You ThereIn-progress, documentary film, 75 min.

Directed by Reid Davenport
Produced by Keith Wilson

Spurred by the spectacle of a circus tent that goes up outside his Oakland apartment, a disabled filmmaker launches into a meditative journey exploring the history of freakdom, (in)visibility, and lost love. Shot entirely from director Reid Davenport’s physical perspective - mounted to his wheelchair or handheld -  the film serves as an unequivocal rebuke to the norm of disabled people being seen and not heard.  I Didn’t See You There expands on the tradition of point-of-view cinema by incorporating a disabled aesthetic generated through Davenport’s own embodiment.  

I Didn’t See You There will be Davenport’s first feature film.


The film is made possible with generous support from:  

Creative Capital
Doc Society
Bay Area Video Coalition
Independent Filmmaker Project
Points North Institute

Tax-deductible donations for the production of the film can be made through the project's fiscal sponsor Through My Lens.